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HCG Diet Info & What You Need To Know!


Obesity statistics area unit on the increase, a lot of and a lot of folks area unit being diagnosed with fatness on a daily basis. As these numbers go up thus will the requirement for a healthy, natural thanks to thin – quick. What may well be a lot of natural than a supplement that comes from the human body? A supplement thus natural that each one among the US has been exposed to it! what’s this supplement you ask? Human sac gonadotrophin (HCG), and this secretion may be taken in many forms; injections, drops, or pellets.

The History Of This Diet

Dr. A.T.W Simeonsa British medical man devoted a few years of his life to doing analysis within the space of avoirdupois and weight loss. it absolutely was throughout these years he determined that the utilization of Human sac gonadotropic hormone with a awfully low calorie diet, of five hundred calories or less brought on sure-fire weight loss while not all the unpleasant symptoms therefore usually related to low-calorie diets, like hunger. in additional recently years Dr. Sheri L. Emma explained once conducting varied run studies that whereas the low-calorie diet alone would so contribute to nice weight loss, it absolutely was not therefore economical in reducing fat, maintaining correct muscle system, and increasing rate.

Everyone here wants to lose weight, to be healthy and happy in their body. The only way to do this successfully is to lose fat while maintaining muscle!

What Is HCG and Why Does it Work?

First and foremost gonadotropin|gonadotrophic hormone} could be a natural hormone created by pregnant girls to assist within the eminent break down of body fat so as to assist within the organic process support of the baby. during a world wherever we tend to square measure a lot of and a lot of involved concerning the security of the product we tend to place into our body, what might be higher than a natural secretion safe for unborn babies!

The secretion works by reducing your appetency, maintaining traditional energy levels, and easing the conventional symptoms of feeding a coffee calorie diet like headaches, and mood swings. The secretion will this by permitting your body to a lot of expeditious methods the fat stores already in your body. Taken incorrect dosages this secretion can create not solely weight loss simple, however fat loss as well! AND…you’ll keep it off.

How Do You Use It?

The most effective HCG protocols, are multi-phase protocols, starting with an optional cleanse, a mandatory loading phase one, phase 2 the longest phase and most important, phase 3 and 4 in which you taper off the hormone and re-acclimatize your body to a less restrictive higher calorie diet. Successful use of this particular protocol not only aids in weight loss and fat loss, but it also alters your metabolism in such a way as to maintain the weight loss long term.

The use of HCG today has several effective methods each fairly straightforward and pain-free. After your shipment of the hormone arrives, you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to how to properly mix and use the product, we’ll discuss this shortly. Then for injections, you’ll be using a common insulin needle and syringe to carefully inject the proper dosage of once daily into a layer of body fat, most commonly belly fat. In the case of pellets and drops, you’ll want to ensure that you have set aside the needed time to allow your body to properly absorb enough HCG to effectively stave off your hunger. With drop and pellets, you’ll find that it is important to do this twice a day to maintain the desired results throughout the day.

Along with the use of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, you’ll also need to maintain a very low-calorie diet, or 500 calories or less. By eliminating fat entirely from your diet you’ll find that you experience the most weight loss success. This will force your body to absorb, breakdown, and use the fat that is already in your body, no matter which method you use.

How Can You Take HCG?


Injections square measure in all probability the foremost effective manner for the physical structure to soak up gonadotropin, however, their square measure numerous alternatives offered that’s will be terribly troublesome to kind through what’s smart data and what’s not. The endocrine comes in multiple forms, and it’s necessary to make sure that you simply square measure shopping for the correct product for your desires. once beginning on the gonadotropin injection protocol, it’s imperative to make sure that you simply square measure buying a dry product, the provides required to properly structure the liquid endocrine, which you’re obtaining AN authentic real gonadotropin and not a medical aid substitute. So, wherever does one get your injections? however, can it arrive and can it need a prescription to get? resolve right here!


These drops, square measure a liquid style of the internal secretion that you just absorb sublingually, or beneath the tongue. These drops square measure the proper different for people who have a weight loss goal that may enjoy the protocol, however, square measure uncomfortable with giving themselves injections. These drops aren’t to be confused with gonadotrophic hormone drops that square measure out there over the counter, solely verity gonadotrophic hormone ought to be used once doing this protocol. ensuring that you just purchase the correct product are often a frightening task, and knowing that you’re doing things right is ever vital. We’ve coated this subject in nice depth on this page.

Pellets, Tablets or Pills

The newcomer to the HCG protocol family is the HCG pellets/tablets /pills. They are a bit harder to come by in their true form, however, there are a lot of imposters on the market so it is very important that only the genuine HCG pellets be used when attempting to lose weight on this protocol. Knowing what you are looking for and where to find it will have you on the road to victory in your weight loss activities. Read our full review of the pellets here.

What Food Can You Eat?

Food List & Menu Plan


With all this bring up terribly low-calorie diets and limitations on what you’ll and can’t eat this protocol looks to be too discouraging. however, with the proper combination of foods and meals, it’s attainable to lose one – three pounds every week by following a really straightforward food set up, and supplementing with HCG in whichever type you’ve got deemed to be right for you. maintaining with the restrictions and limitations of this diet usually|will be|is|may be} quite discouraging and finding ways that to stay a varied menu and avoid cravings and stagnation of your meals that thus often result in deadly sin and poor results. See our HCG diet food list guide here.


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